I have made alot of mistakes wand i am really sorry And now I plan to fix them. And start new. I love my mom and my parents. Shouldn’t have done what I did. But in this grounding I got alot of things figured out that should have been fixed for a long time. Glad things got out. I love you guys.
P.S - forgot to say my mom looks awesome in her bathing suit. Lol.


I guess talking tough and disrespectful is limited to online outlets. Just about what I thought. Want to know what’s tough? Have a kid, give her EVERYTHING you can, do all you can to look out for her and make her happy then watch her dump on you! You kids think its tough? Try telling your pride and joy “no” and watch them use every outlet and resource, that you’ve provided for them, every degrading word to demean you. Watch the ones whom you would die for belittle you? insult you, disrespect you. You kids think you’ve got it tough? Try being a parent!

Life’s a “b@$;&”

Wow my poor daughter has it so bad. Let’s see if she has this same sharp tongue when we talk…

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You don’t know.

You don’t know how I feel. And how happy he makes me. You wouldn’t understand. Let me fall and take that chance on him and let me get hurt even if I do. He is what I want. All I want. Understand it. Please. Things feel so right alllllllll the time.

I want that one person. That one best friend.

I dont care anymore. I’m doing me, and going with my dreams and what I want. You don’t like it, well that sucks.

I need that one friend. That friend that’s always there. I see all these groups and best friends together, and I think to myself.. What happened to mine? Wer since a boyfriend got added into myself never meant I wanted to sign up for the list of no friends. I miss everyone. I miss the parties, the late night sleepovers, the long bike rides. Everything. It’s all gone. I’m a girl that no one asks to hangout with anymore. I don’t hangout with my boyfriend all the time if that’s what you think! I want to make all of my friends again. And plan to keep them, because in the end of the day I need them more than anything.
Please come back.

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